Quality Policy Statement




JSW Building Solutions Ltd is committed to provide a complete quality service in all aspects of its business.

Quality is about continually looking at the way in which we deliver a service and ways that improvements may be made.

In addition to satisfying legislative requirements, it is extremely important for JSW to know how our operatives are performing in the work place.  Our customers are very important to us and we actively carry out on site quality inspections to ensure that we are delivering our promises. On site Quality Control not only shows the customer that we care about our services, but also provides early indications of any problems in the work place.  We make the results of our Quality Control system open to examination by our customers and clients alike.

Our tradesmen and subcontractors are aware that quality control checks are carried out by Senior Staff responsible for controlling the quality of work and documentation.  Inspection visits will include the following:-

  • Workmanship
  • Materials
  • Documentation is correct
  • Work in progress visits
  • Customer satisfaction

Quality systems and procedures will be implemented in order to document the methods used in the delivery of our services.

The quality control checks that JSW undertake will be completed on every job that’s undertaken by direct labour and approved sub-contractors.  Our target for quality control is 100% of all works and we make the results available to the client at regular intervals.  The Directors will visit our customers to check the technical quality of the work carried out as well as obtaining the customers perception of our service delivery.  This one to one meetings gives us positive and direct feedback as to how our customers view our operations.  Should any problems be identified on a quality control visit, action will be taken to ensure that individual failings are rectified and not repeated.

All quality control inspections are filed in a quality control database under the control of the Directors.   All non-quality jobs have details of further work required and any corrective action taken is documented.  All follow up actions are inspected to ensure they have been satisfactorily completed prior to final filing.  The result of our quality control exercises are tabulated in work type, operative’s employed, numbers of jobs and non-quality jobs encountered.

Our aim is to identify and operational problems before they affect service delivery.   By studying any trends in the quality control results we are able to take corrective action at a very early stage.

JSW values the feedback it gets from its customers and actively seeks views and opinions.  Our site visit questions asked of the customer are as follows:-

  • Was the operative(s) who carried out the work polite and courteous?
  • Is the workmanship to your satisfaction?
  • Do you consider the materials used to be acceptable?
  • Did the workman leave your property clean and tidy?
  • Would you recommend us to your friends?
  • Is there anything we would have done to improve the service?

The customer feedback process is a critical part of our quality management and is given a high priority by the Directors of JSW. Feedback from the customer is one of the primary performance indicators that can be used to judge the overall effectiveness of our business.  Through management process it is our aim to enhance customer satisfaction and drive continual improvement.

At JSW we use the results of the customer feedback process to trigger corrective and/or preventative actions and as one of the overall measures of our performance.  We try and ensure that our staff recognise the benefits a sound customer feedback process can bring and we encourage our staff to think beyond simply ‘meeting the requirements’.

We will also gain invaluable feedback from some of our clients in respect of customer service.  We are able to regularly monitor our progress and receive valuable feedback as to how we are performing and take meaningful measures for improvement.


At JSW we strive to provide a quality experience every time, however, we realise that on occasions mistakes may happen.

If we receive a customer complaint the Directors are tasked with handling the complain to a satisfactory resolution.

Complaint details are entered into the complaints register.  Dependent on the nature of the complaint, the customer will receive a visit from a Director of JSW to assess the situation ‘first hand’.  We believe that our ‘hands on’ face to face approach helps to rebuild customer confidence in our services.  Wherever possible, we instigate immediate corrective action to the full satisfaction of the customer.

JSW believe in resolving customer complaints as a matter of urgency and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Should a complaint be forwarded to the company by a Client, JSW will endeavour to resolve the complaint in accordance with the Client’s procedures and timescales.  Where appropriate we will liaise with the Client and conduct a joint site visit in order to resolve any complaint as a matter of urgency.  Any action taken shall be carried out in accordance with the Customer and Client’s wishes.

The following procedure applied to all Customer complaints:-

  • All complaints are received by the Directors.
  • Details entered onto the complaint’s register. Each complaint is given a unique number.
  • The Customer will be contacted as a matter of urgency (usually within 24 hours) to make a mutually agreeable visit time and date to discuss the complaint. Following the visit any action taken to resolve the complain must be clearly documented.
  • Once a satisfactory conclusion has been reached, the complaints register is updated.
  • The Directors will arrange to send a letter to the customer explaining the actions taken and apologising for any inconvenience caused.
  • The Directors will review the complaints to make sure there is not a trend.


Signed – Steve Wright


JSW Building Solutions Ltd

14th January 2013

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